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Refer and earn money

Sharing is caring, people. Every time one of your friends becomes a part of the revolution and activates his or her BigPay card, we’ll reward you both with money to spend!

Bigpay app refer and earn money functionality

How to earn your referral reward

1. Navigate to 'Settings' in your BigPay app 

2. Click on 'Referral Rewards'

3. Copy your unique referral code to share with friends


4. Click ‘Share’ and choose which app you'd like to share your code with

5. Once your friend successfully activates their BigPay card, you will both receive your referral reward!

Pay friends with ease using BigPay app

Pay friends with ease

Once your friend gets BigPay, sending money couldn’t be easier. BigPay automatically adds them to your BigPay contact list, and all you need to do is tap, enter the amount and press send!

No awkward discussions at dinner

Split bills with your friends at the end of your meal with a simple tap. No one gets hurt!

Bigpay app split bill functionality