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Saving up for something BIG?

We've got you.

Achieving your next savings goal just got faster.

Create separate stashes to help you save money away for anything you need. Saving for a shiny new phone, or a rainy day? Save a little (or a lot!) with BigPay Stashes.

It's super easy!

Turn on automatic deposits and never forget to add money to your stash ever again. Plus, turn on round-ups to make sure that you're saving up every time you pay with BigPay!

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Stash with BigPay

Easily track your progress

Get instant notifications after making a payment and easily stay on top of your account balance.

All your finances in one picture

Tired of digging through bank statements to see where it’s all going? With BigPay analytics, it’s all there on one screen.

Take the data wherever you need to

Extract beautiful statements from the BigPay app and integrate it with the software of your choice.

BigPay budgeting charts & communication options
Spending graphs on BigPay's mobile app

Keep your spending categories under control

Are you spending too much on travel? On coffee? BigPay categorises your expenses so you can easily see how your budget is doing.

BigPay app receipts functionality

Get rid of all those receipts

With BigPay, you take a photo of your receipt and upload it to your transaction. No more random papers in your wallet.

Travelling soon?

Try out the BigPay Save to Travel Stash!

Stash Now, Travel Later with BigPay Travel Stash

Your Save to Travel Stash is just one tap away

Want to activate your Save to Travel Stash? Just tap Activate Now and you're done!

Get up to 1% Cash Rebate

Save up using BigPay's Save to Travel Stash and unlock a cash rebate when you travel and shop across Asia!

Get a cash rebate when you save with BigPay Save to Travel Stash
Win a Getaway with BigPay Save to Travel Stashes

Terms and Conditions of the BigPay Save to Travel Stash Promotion