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Why BigPay is all about your financial wellbeing | #LetsTalkMoney | BigPay

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Published 1 year ago

Why BigPay is all about your financial wellbeing | #LetsTalkMoney | BigPay

Hey BigPay fam! We’re officially approaching the last parts of 2020, and we hope you’re loving our #LetsTalkMoney series of articles so far!

We’ve talked about debt. Saving for your first house. Better budgeting tips.

We’ve even talked about how money can be a very big factor in your mental health and wellbeing!

But we keep getting this question from our customers: why is BigPay always talking about money?

Well, this week, let’s talk about why BigPay’s ultimate mission of making our customers financially savvy and in control of their money!

But wait - isn’t BigPay just an app with a card?

While it is true that we’ve made a fantastic app and a striking blue card for our customers to enjoy managing money, we believe in more than just our functions!

At BigPay, there’s a bigger reason why we’re doing all we can for you to manage your money better - we want you to achieve financial wellbeing.

In other words, we want all our customers to:

Be in control over day-to-day, month-to-month finances

Have you ever wondered where did your money go to at the end of the month?

Do you find it a hassle to pay online, transfer money to your friends or send money internationally?

Do you find it exhausting to compile statements and cross-examine them monthly for budgeting?

Well, at BigPay we believe being financially savvy means having ultimate control over daily and monthly finances at your fingertips.

That's the driving reason why we develop our unique app and card to be easy-to-use end delightfully convenient!

Because when it’s easier to manage your daily and monthly finances, you’re one step closer to being financially savvy!

Be able to absorb a financial shock

Imagine this - your car breaks down on your way home from work and you’re hit with a massive repair bill!

If your initial reaction of this is to question how you’re going to pay your bills, you’re not alone – a shocking 71.4% of self-employed Malaysians have savings for less than one month, while 82.7% of employees fare slightly better with two months worth of savings!

One of the key indicators of being financially savvy is the ability to absorb unexpected bills without dipping into your emergency expenses.

It means understanding the importance of having some cash set aside for emergencies. Overwhelmed? Start with saving for one month of expenses. And then aim for three to six, or even nine months’ worth!

It takes time, but emergencies aren’t so scary when you’re financially savvy enough to prepare for them!

Be on track to meet financial goals

If you're approaching your late 20s are hitting your early 30s, chances are, you've been hit with a quarter-life crisis on how to plan for your retirement!

Well, part of BigPay’s mission is to enable you to hit your financial goals en route to your golden years!

This can simply be giving you the ability to budget easily by seeing all your monthly expenses separated via its categories, or giving you tips on how to save for your first house and vital money skills you should master at the early stage of your career.

Your financial goals are very telling of your financial savviness and having a plan that envisions and protects your retirement years is an integral part of it!

Be financially free to enjoy life

Last but not least, being financially savvy means not letting money control your life.

It means taking charge of your spending, payments and budgets with ease and convenience to enjoy everything else in life.

Being financially savvy also gives you a nice dose of money confidence. To take actions and ask questions. To understand how valuable it is to know more about interest rates, inflation, compound interest or debt management!

It gives you confidence when you know what you’re doing about your retirement, and you don’t get the sweats every time you open up your bank account!

After all, if you are the master of your money you are unchaining yourself from the limits of uncertainty!


Before we leave you to digest this #LetsTalkMoney article, here’s a guiding principle to financial habits that’ll serve you well:

  1. Spend less than you earn.

  2. Save for future spending.

  3. Only borrow what you can afford.

  4. Grow your money.

  5. Boost your earning capacity.

  6. Protect what you have.

Let us know what you’d like to read more about in the comments below for our next piece on BigPay’s #LetsTalkMoney series!

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But wait - isn’t BigPay just an app with a card?

Be in control over day-to-day, month-to-month finances

Be able to absorb a financial shock

Be on track to meet financial goals

Be financially free to enjoy life

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