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🎂 Our first anniversary...

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Published 1 year ago

🎂 Our first anniversary...

BigPay celebrates its 1st year anniversary!

We celebrated our first anniversary January 12, 2019 and took the time to reflect on a remarkable 2018. We have been focusing so much on making BigPay the best financial product out there and it was good to just slow down, revisit our mission and celebrate achievements.

BigPay started with a simple question: “Are we getting real value from banks and other financial institutions?” We asked ourselves the question and the answer was a big NO. Thus, we set out on a mission to disrupt financial services in ASEAN and to provide an everyday digital alternative to your bank.

One year later, BigPay is one of the fastest growing fintech companies in Malaysia.

We have been humbled by the overwhelming support we received from the public and our loyal community of users. None of this would have been possible without you.

Developing a fit-for-purpose product

We want to be able to deliver every single useful and crazy idea we have. So how exactly did we prioritise in 2018? The short answer is we look to see what our users are talking about to guide what should be placed at the top of our list.

In 2018, we introduced spending analytics, started offering contactless cards, gave our users the option to split bill/request money and freeze/unfreeze card in app. We recently launched a new look and app design, with a better and more intuitive user experience for all. Our goal is to build a purposeful product for you to make you want to use BigPay daily as part of your lifestyle.

🎂 Our first anniversary...

Building together

As a new challenger in the financial space, we need to do things differently. We’re sick and tired of financial institutions that continuously churn out products and features which add no value to our lives.

That’s why your feedback is crucial to build BigPay. We’ve also grown our customer service team to not only deliver a better support experience but also act as an avenue for feedback that have gone on to directly influence our app.

We’ve also hosted the first BigPay x Lowyat event at our office in October where our super engaged users got to tell us how they use BigPay and what they want to see from us in the upcoming months. And finally, we kicked off a series of community building events aimed at providing financial insights to Malaysians. The very first edition of “Money Talks” was organised in collaboration with our friends from FinC and Value Investing College.

Monica, Head of Product shares our product journey and upcoming features.

🎂 Our first anniversary...

We are going BIG in 2019

We spent 2018 laying our foundations strong. Moving into 2019, we’ll be bolder and use what we’ve learnt in the past year to make this year a phenomenal one.

We’ve got banks firmly set in our sights, and we will unbundle more banking services. Money transfer to bank was one of the most requested feature from users and we’re pleased to announce that it’ll be launched this quarter together with remittance (transfer money from BigPay to international bank accounts). Market expansion is also our priority and we’re planning to launch in Singapore later this year to reach new customers in new markets.

We’ve got big plans for 2019 but we can’t do it without you. Let’s do this together!

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