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New Zealand’s Borders Finally Reopen in July 2022!

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Published 1 year ago

5 Hidden Gems in New Zealand You’ve Never Seen Before!

After a two year pandemic ban, New Zealand has finally fully reopened their borders in July 2022!

With the quarantine requirement and many restrictions eased, travelling to beautiful New Zealand is much easier than you think.

In case you need some inspiration, check out these 5 hidden gems in New Zealand you’ve never seen before. (P.S. The Lord of the Rings was fully filmed there! 😉)

Read on to find out what you need to enter New Zealand so you can see these amazing places with your own eyes.

*Disclaimer: Do note that entry requirements and quarantine information are subject to change. The information that’s published here is accurate at the time of writing. We highly advise you to do your own research before planning your trip!

Who can travel to New Zealand?

Fully vaccinated travellers from anywhere in the world may enter New Zealand. The following are Covid-19 vaccines approved for entry into New Zealand:

  • Zifivax

  • Vaxzevria

  • Covishield

  • Noora

  • Covaxin

  • Corbevax

  • Convidecia

  • Abdala

  • KoviVac

  • EpiVacCorona

  • EpiVacCorona-N

  • Gam-COVID-Vac

  • Sputnik Light

  • Sputnik V

  • Turkovac

  • Soberana 02

  • Soberana Plus

  • Janssen

  • QazVac

  • Covifenz

  • MVC Covid-19 vaccine

  • Spikevax

  • TAK-919

  • Recombinant SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine (CHO Cell)

  • Nuvaxovid

  • Covovax

  • Tak-919

  • Fakhravac

  • Comirnaty

  • Razi Cov Pars

  • Kconvac

  • COVIran Barekat

  • BBIBP-CorV

  • WIBP-CorV

  • CoronaVac

  • VLA2001

  • SpikoGen

  • ZycoV-D

Do I need to take a Covid test?

You must take 2 rapid antigen covid tests on the day you arrive and on day 5 or 6.

You’ll be given a pack of tests at the airport with instructions on how to use them. If you did not receive any on your arrival, you can order them online for free.

You’ll receive an email with a link to an online form to report your results.

Learn more here.

Do I need to quarantine in New Zealand?

Not required unless you test positive after arrival. If so, you must self-isolate for 7 days.

What documents do I need?

Everyone entering New Zealand must provide proof of vaccination unless they fall under one of the following categories:

  • are a New Zealand citizen

  • have a New Zealand residence class visa — either a permanent resident or resident visa

  • are an Australian citizen living in New Zealand

  • are a child aged 16 years and under

  • cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons — you will need electronic or paper evidence from a health practitioner

  • are a refugee arriving in New Zealand for the first time

  • are a citizen of Afghanistan and you are being evacuated

  • are arriving from Antarctica

  • have been granted a visa under the 2022 Special Ukraine Visa Policy; or if you are or were ordinarily resident in Ukraine at any point on or after 1 January 2022

  • are arriving in New Zealand on a trade, cargo or other specialist (Category 1) vessel.

Your proof of vaccination may be electronic or physical, and contain the following information:

  • your name

  • the name of the vaccine or vaccines you received

  • the name of the agency that administered them

  • the name of the place where you received them

  • the date of each dose or the date when a primary vaccination course was completed.

Everyone travelling to New Zealand must complete the New Zealand Traveller Declaration to be issued a New Zealand Traveller Pass. Apply for it here.

Check if you need to apply for a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA) here.

Do I need travel insurance?

Not required, but it is strongly recommended.

Can I still travel to New Zealand if I'm not fully vaccinated?

If you’re from a country with limited access to Covid-19 vaccines, you may be able to get an exemption. Apply for an exemption to the Ministry of Health here.

New Zealand’s Borders Finally Reopen in July 2022!

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Do I need travel insurance?

Can I still travel to New Zealand if I'm not fully vaccinated?

Did you know…

You can use it anytime, anywhere

Real-time exchange rates

It’s safe

Earn points

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