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Make mom proud by sharing some of the financial progress you’ve made

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Published 1 year ago

Make mom proud by sharing some of the financial progress you’ve made

Mother's day, a day to celebrate our superheroes and thank them for their sacrifices. While there are many ways to show your mom you love and appreciate her such as a home-cooked meal, flowers, and gifts, why not try something new? This Mother's Day, make your mom proud by sharing some of the financial progress you’ve made. 😎

You can walk your mom through some enlightened moments and learnings you’ve had while taking care of your financial wellbeing such as:

Mindfulness and reflections on your finances 👓

While mindfulness is all about going through life with purpose and paying attention to the present moment, applying this practice in your finances can make a real difference.

In the same way you’d check in on your physical and mental health using mindfulness tools, you can show your mom how you’ve taken active steps towards being in charge of your finances. You can show your mom how you've cultivated a practice of mindful spending by settling limits and reflecting on your financial habits by reviewing your expenses via your BigPay app.

Being financially healthy 💰

Being financially healthy is a combination of managing your money well, setting clear financial goals, and having that discipline which all set you in the direction of financial wellbeing.

Taking proactive steps in managing your finances well probably wasn’t the easiest thing to do but with the right tools, mindset, and practices, you were able to make healthy progress. Giving your mom that assurance that you’ve got what it takes to maintain a good balance in your financial wellbeing certainly makes a great gift this Mother’s Day. 😉

Tracking your expenses and saving money 📈

Perhaps your mom was the one who always reminded you to save money so that you’d have a healthy bank balance and emergency funds for a rainy day. ☔ Now, you can give her the peace of mind knowing that this is something you’ve taken care of thanks to her prudent advice over the years. 💪 That's not all, by showing your mom that you’re tracking your spending with your BigPay app and saving more money while you continuously work towards your financial goals will definitely put a smile on her face.

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