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Level Up Your Lifestyle When You Claim Your ePemula Credit With BigPay!

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Published 1 year ago

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If you’re a full-time student in college or university, we’ve got exciting news for you — BigPay is giving you up to RM1500 worth of exclusive vouchers when you claim your RM150 ePemula credit with us!

Whether it’s your dream vacation, wardrobe or knowledge, these exclusive promos will be sure to level up your life. 🔥

airasia academy

Want to land your dream job one day? Level up your skills with online or in-person courses with airasia academy. You can learn anything from personal development and entrepreneurship, to coding and language skills.

  • Reskill vouchers worth RM1,000

  • On-Demand Learning vouchers worth RM60


Now that borders have reopened, it’s the perfect time to take that trip you’ve always dreamt of with your friends. And the good news is, you can enjoy huge savings on AirAsia flights and hotels while doing so.

  • AirAsia Flights - RM20.00 voucher x 2

  • Other Airlines sold through AirAsia (international) - RM115.00 voucher x 1

  • SNAP - RM40.00 voucher x 2

  • Hotels - RM50.00 voucher x1 (The Chow Kit and Momo’s Hotel)

airasia Delivers

Craving your favourite munchies but too busy studying to leave your home? AirAsia Delivers’ got you covered. Get food and groceries delivered to your doorstep, or get them yourself with these vouchers.

  • Food - RM5.00 vouchers x 5

  • Grocer - RM10.00 vouchers x 3

  • Rides - RM2.00 vouchers x 5


Let’s be honest, we’ve all been stuck at home wearing pyjamas for the past two years. But there’s no reason why you can’t look cute while doing so! Get discounts on a fresh new wardrobe with Zalora.

  • RM40 voucher (your unique code will be sent to you separately)

Make sure you take advantage of these amazing deals (worth RM1500) when you claim your RM150 ePemula credit with BigPay. 😉

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