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How to Use DuitNow QR Code Payments Overseas 🌎

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Published 1 year ago

How to Use DuitNow QR Code Payments Overseas

In case you haven’t heard, you can now make DuitNow QR Payments overseas using BigPay! 

You can use this feature in Singapore and Thailand with more exciting destinations coming very soon. 🌎

The best part is it’s super easy and you’ll always know what you’re paying for in the local currency. 

Follow these steps: 

Step 1: Tap ‘Explore’, then ‘DuitNow QR’ 

Step 2: Scan the merchant’s QR code 

How to Use DuitNow QR Code Payments Overseas

🇹🇭 Thailand — Look out for a ‘Thai QR Payment’ QR code by PromptPay 

How to Use DuitNow QR Code Payments Overseas

🇸🇬 Singapore — Look out for a SGQR QR Code by NETS 

DuitNow QR Is Now Available in Indonesia!

🇮🇩 Indonesia — Look out for a QRIS QR code by Alto, ArtaJasa, Jalin or Rintis!

Step 3: Enter the payment amount in the local currency

Step 4: Review details and click pay 

That’s it! It’s super easy right? 

Don’t forget to try it out for yourself on your next trip to Singapore or Thailand. 😍

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