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How to Earn and Redeem airasia Rewards Points with BigPay

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Published 8 months ago

How to Earn and Redeem airasia Rewards Points with BigPay

Did you know that BigPay and AirAsia are better together? 

Besides exclusive discounts with flights, hotels, and sales… (Say what 😮 Tell me more!) 

You can also earn DOUBLE the points when you checkout with BigPay on the airasia Superapp!

How to Earn and Redeem airasia Rewards Points with BigPay

🔥Make sure to link your BigPay account with the airasia Superapp first, and checkout with your linked BigPay account in order to enjoy these perks!

Points will be credited directly to your airasia Rewards account. You may review your points history on the airasia Superapp. Terms and conditions apply.

What can I do with airasia Rewards Points? 

Well, we’ve got breaking news for you: they’re not just for flights! 

While you’re collecting airasia Rewards Points for your dream vacation, you can also use your points to redeem deals in these categories: 

🥘 Food & Beverage Deals

👚 Shopping Deals

🤩 Everyday Discount Deals

🌴 Travel Deals 

🎲 Gaming deals 

Not enough points to redeem these rewards? 

No problem! You can also combine airasia Rewards points with cash to buy rewards!. 🥳 

Open the airasia Superapp and tap on “Points” to explore the exciting rewards you can redeem!

How do I redeem airasia Rewards? 

Easy peasy. Just follow these steps: 

Step 1: Open the airasia Superapp and tap “Points” 

Step 2: Tap on the 'Redeem' tab and browse through the deals within your preferred category 

Step 3: Tap ‘Checkout’, double check the details, and tap ‘Confirm’ 

That’s it! You’ve successfully redeemed an airasia Rewards deal. All your redemptions will be stored under ‘My Vouchers’ in the airasia Superapp. 

Learn more here

What are you waiting for? Link your BigPay and AirAsia accounts now to start earning and enjoying these awesome rewards

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