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Got Cashback Credits? This Is How You Can Use Them!

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Published 1 year ago

Got Cashback Credits? This Is How You Can Use Them!

Introducing BigPay's Cashback Credit System

So what is this new cashback credit system? Well, this is a system we created to allow you to use your cashback credits to redeem 10% of your transactions instantly.

Disclaimer: Effective from 15th February 2022 onwards, cashback credits will be reduced to 10%

You can now get instant rebates when you use BigPay. Don’t know how to use them? Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Here’s how:

1. Top up your BigPay account via bank transfer or debit/credit card.

2. Shop and Pay with BigPay in any of the eligible transactions: *Cashback is not redeemable for withdrawal transactions and top-ups to other e-wallets.

3. Get up to 10% rebate from your cashback balance instantly

Got Cashback Credits? This Is How You Can Use Them!

*Disclaimer: Completed = settled transaction

If you're not too sure where to use your cashback credits, you can actually use them pretty much anywhere.

You can: 1. Shop for the best outfits and dress to impress for the new year

2. Shop for the best skins and increase your gem count in your favourite RPG

3. Just go out and makan-makan with friends and family

We also prepared a list of frequently asked questions about this new system to help you navigate better. We can't wait for you to start getting these credits and to start spending on some fun stuff!

Frequently Asked Questions About BigPay's Cashback Credit

How to check your remaining cashback credit balance?

  1. Log in to your BigPay app

  2. Tap Settings on the lower right side of your screen

  3. Tap Cashback Rewards

What transactions are eligible for the cashback?

All card transactions at physical and online merchants are eligible for redeeming cashback credits.

Stay tuned for updates and more eligible transactions.

When will my cashback credits expire?

They will expire 30 days after you receive your last balance. If you receive more cashback credits, your expiry date for all cashback credits will be extended for another 30 days.

How much cashback will I get per transaction?

You will receive 10% cashback for every eligible transaction based on your remaining cashback credits.

How do I earn more cashback credits?

Follow us on social media, via email, or open your app daily to be updated on all ongoing promos.

Cashback Credits Mechanics:

1. Cashback Credits may be redeemed through card purchases including:

  1. Domestic card transactions performed at physical merchants

  2. Domestic card transactions performed at online merchant

  3. International card transactions performed at physical merchants

  4. International card transactions performed at online merchant

2. Cashback Credits will be automatically redeemed and converted into cash balance after the system confirmation of the eligible transaction.

3. Cashback Credits may not be withdrawn or converted directly to cash

4. Cashback Credits may not be redeemed through the following types of

  • Peer-to-peer transfers

  • Cash-outs or withdrawals

  • App-integrated payment of utility bills;

  • App-integrated payment of Government related fees/payments

  • App-integrated payment of telco postpaid bills and prepaid service top-ups

  • App-integrated games purchases

  • Top up of other e-wallets and bank accounts.

5. The user’s Cashback Credits will expire and be forfeited if not consumed within 30 days of receipt

We can't wait to see what you spend your money on. We hope that these cashback credits gives you that extra mile to do more fun stuff for yourselves and your family!

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