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Getting a BigPay account as a recent immigrant to Malaysia

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Published 1 year ago

Getting a BigPay account as a recent immigrant to Malaysia

We know that getting a bank account can be a stressful and cumbersome experience for expats in Malaysia. In the meantime, you’re stuck using your home debit or credit cards to pay in Malaysian ringgits (or worse taking cash out of an ATM!) - and getting screwed on bank fees, especially when you convert from your currency to ringgits. With the move, you already have enough on your mind.

We’ve designed BigPay for you. Its a bank card that you can apply for in 3 minutes straight from your mobile phone and use anywhere in Malaysia. We give you the best forex rates so you won’t lose any money when you convert to Malaysian ringgit.

All you need is your passport and a Malaysian delivery address. Easy!

An account in 3 minutes

Download the BigPay app and follow the steps.

We’ll ask you to confirm your identity by taking a picture of your passport and a selfie.

Once you’ve added money to your account, we will send your BigPay card to your delivery address. It’s gotta be in Malaysia but any address that we can deliver to will work. It’ll take 5 to 7 working days for your card to arrive!

Don’t get screwed on bank fees

It'll take some time for you to open up a Malaysian bank account. But by adding your home cards as top-up sources on BigPay, you can convert money and transfer it to your BigPay account for free. You’ll then be able to save money on all your daily transactions by paying directly in Malaysian ringgits!

Plus, BigPay is a great way to track and categorise your spendings or send money to your friends or colleagues. And if you’re going to be travelling around the region with AirAsia, BigPay will save you money on AirAsia flights and give you the best exchange rates in other foreign currencies.

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