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Learn How To Use Your BigPay card to spend your ePemula credits!

Thank you for choosing us to be your wallet for the ePemula initiative. We are super excited to have you onboard with us. We put together a simple FAQ to give you an easier understanding of the ePemula intiative!

What is the ePemula initiative?

  • ePemula is a government initiative under Budget 2022 by the Ministry of Finance Malaysia.

  • The broad objectives are to ease the burden on youths’ expenses and to support brick and mortar businesses in the recovery and increase adoption of cashless transactions.

  • Approximately 2 million Malaysians stand to benefit from ePemula, where the Government provides RM150 of e-wallet credit, to be used for local purchases through the participating e-wallet service providers.

  • In addition, the participating e-wallet service providers will provide additional incentives through vouchers, cashback, discounts, reward points and ‘coins’.

Who is eligible for ePemula? The eligibility criteria for individuals to participate in the ePemula programme are:

  1. Malaysian citizens; and

  2. Have attained the age of 18 to 20 years old in 2022 (born between 2002 and 2004); OR

  3. Are full-time students enrolled in courses equivalent to diploma or SKM4 and above in an institution of higher learning (“IHL”) registered with one of the following ministries: the Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, Ministry of Rural Development, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Human Resources and Department of Islamic Development Malaysia ( JAKIM ), which are collectively referred to as “Relevant Ministries”, with no age limitation.

I am 20 years old but turning 21 years old in 2022, do I qualify for the programme? No, Malaysians who attained the age of 21 (born in 2001) and above do not qualify for the programme, unless they fulfill the student eligibility in (2(c)). For the full list of ePemula eligibility criteria, please refer to Question (2)

I will be enrolling as a full-time student at a local IPT by the end of the year, do I qualify for the programme? A new student in a registered institution of higher learning needs to be part of the enrolment as a full- time student at least by 31 January 2022 to qualify for the ePemula credit. For the full list of ePemula eligibility criteria, please refer to Question (2)

I was a full-time student but have graduated before the programme starts, do I qualify for the programme? Yes, a full-time student in a registered institution of higher learning who will be graduating or has graduated in calendar year 2022 still qualifies to claim for the ePemula credit. For the full list of ePemula eligibility criteria, please refer to Question (2)

When does the programme start, what is the duration of the programme? How about the e-wallet incentives? Is there a deadline?

  • Eligible applicants may only claim the ePemula credit once, namely, from 8.00 a.m. on 11 April 2022 to 11.59 p.m. on 10 June 2022.

  • Once claimed, the ePemula credit must be utilised by 11.59 p.m. on 1 June 2022, after which time, any unused ePemula credit will be automatically removed from the applicant’s e-wallet.

  • The incentives provided by the respective e-wallet service providers vary depending on their policies. Please refer to their respective campaign announcements for more information.

Which e-wallet service providers can I claim this initiative from? The e-wallet service providers participating this programme are:

  1. BigPay;

  2. GrabPay;

  3. ShopeePay; and

  4. Touch ‘n Go eWallet.

What are the steps I need to take to claim ePemula? The verification process for new and current users will be done through the e-wallet application of their choice. Step 1: Download the participating e-wallet application from Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Huawei AppGallery. Note: BigPay is unavailable Step 2: Register as a new user or for existing users, follow the instructions shown in the e-wallet app. Step 3: The e-wallet service provider will verify your identification electronically via the Know-Your-Customer process (“eKYC”). Step 4: On your chosen e-wallet app, provide the required information on the ePemula claim page and click “Submit”. Step 5: You will then be notified if your claim is successful. Eligible recipients can only claim the ePemula credit once from 1 e-wallet service provider of their choice. Please refer to the participating e-wallets apps for more details on how to claim the credit. What can I use the RM150 ePemula credit for? You can use the RM150 ePemula credit for any transactions that your chosen e-wallet at offline local merchants can be used for,


  1. peer-to-peer transfers;

  2. cash-outs;

  3. app-integrated payment of utility bills;

  4. app-integrated payment of Government related fees/payments;

  5. app-integrated payment of telco postpaid bills and prepaid service top-ups;

  6. app-integrated games purchases;

  7. app-integrated parking and/or toll fees payments;

  8. app-integrated investment-related activities; and

  9. ecommerce or online transactions.

How is my personal information obtained, and is my data privacy protected?

  • Your citizenship, age and full time student status will be verified through the National Registration

Department (NRD) and the database provided by the Relevant Ministries. There will be no sharing of personal data from JPN or Relevant Ministries with the e-wallet service providers.

  • Any data privacy concerns relating to the e-wallet service providers are subject to Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA) policies and requirements.

I am an offline retailer who does not have e-wallet payment facilities. Will recipients be able to spend at my outlet? No. As such, all retailers are encouraged to join the participating e-wallet providers’ platforms in order for ePemula recipients to use their ePemula credits at their outlets. When will I get the RM150 ePemula credit? If you meet the eligibility criteria and have been successfully verified under the eKYC process, you will receive a one-time RM150.00 credit that will be issued to your chosen e-wallet within 3 days from the application date.

When will I get the e-wallet incentives from the participating e-wallet service providers? This depends on the various e-wallet service providers. Please refer to their campaign announcement details on this.

Why am I not getting through? During periods of high claim submissions, there may be delays in processing your RM150 ePemula credit. It would be best to contact the e-wallet directly for further clarification. You may need to submit certain additional information, e.g. your identity card, for verification. Contact info of e-wallets:

  1. BigPay: or in-app chat;

  2. GrabPay

  3. ShopeePay:; and

  4. Touch ‘n Go eWallet:

How will I know if I qualify? You will receive a notification from the e-wallet service provider of your choice after you have made your submission through the ePemula claim page with the respective e-wallet.

Will I be informed if I do not qualify? Yes, you will receive a notification from the e-wallet service provider of your choice whether you have qualified or not.

Is there any dispute process? Yes, there is a dispute process where you can reach out to the respective e-wallet service provider that you have submitted your claim for further assistance. For rejection due to invalid ID, you may be required to provide further information to facilitate the dispute resolution process.

I participated in eBelia last year. What’s the difference of it with ePemula? Similar to eBelia, ePemula is a government program initiated by the Ministry of Finance Malaysia to ease the burden on youths’ expenses and to support brick and mortar businesses in the recovery and increase adoption of cashless transactions. The difference is how you would be claiming the cashback. This time around, the goal is to enable more offline transactions. You’d be able to walk into a 7-eleven or any other physical store, grab the things you want, pay with your BigPay card with your main BigPay balance and you’d be reimbursed with the cashback. Alternatively, if the shop has an official QR code for their official business, you can even scan and pay with the cashback credits directly! A big difference is that last year we only had airasia vouchers, this year we have RM1500 worth of vouchers as well. Keep your eyes peeled for more promos coming your way!

Must I wait for the physical card to arrive before start using ePemula? No, you don’t need to wait for your physical card to arrive. You can start applying for ePemula and you can spend the RM150 credits by using the DuitNow QR feature. For the DuitNow QR feature, you wouldn’t even need to top up to your account first 😉 Note: You can only use the ePemula credits with DuitNow QR if the merchant is a registered merchant. It is not eligible for QR scans to personal accounts. Can I use my Virtual Cards to redeem the ePemula credit? Unfortunately, not this time around. This is because you’d only be able to redeem the ePemula cashback via QR payment or physical card payment.

I also have credit in my Cashback Rewards wallet. How would that work with the ePemula credit which I am also entitled with? If you’re talking about the cashback referral rewards, if it’s an eligible transaction for both cashbacks, you’d be getting the cashback for both transactions. eg: if you’re making a transaction with your card at a local Nike store, and the shoes cost RM100, you would be reimbursed RM110 (given the cashback credit is 10%). If you have further questions, kindly reach out to us via in-app chat.

About Pulse:

Am I only entitled with Unlimited Cashback (Pulse) reward if I am entitled with ePemula credit? Yes, that’s correct. To get the Unlimited Cashback you can follow these steps: - Go to Payments - Click on the ePemula tab - Scroll down to the Cashback section - Swipe right to view more exclusive discounts or tap on “See More” below to view the full list of unlimited cashback merchants - Tap on the merchant of your choice to view the T&Cs, you can tap on the button and it will lead you to a website/app to purchase your items Reminder: Please use your BigPay card to pay for your items to get the cashback rewards. I completed the purchase with Pulse from the app. When will I be able to receive the cashback onto my BigPay balance? The cashback from Pulse would vary with different merchants. It could take up to 120 days to receive the cashbacks. Please refer to the T&C of each offer under “Unlimited Cashback” in the ePemula section for further information on each merchant. Reminder: Please click on the link for the merchant from the ePemula section in the BigPay app and use your BigPay card to checkout! I’ve successfully applied for ePemula with BigPay but I don’t see the RM150 in my main account balance. What’s going on? Not to worry, your RM150 ePemula credit is there. What you need to do is:

  1. open the BigPay app

  2. click on the ‘Payments’ tab

  3. click on your ePemula wallet

  4. you should be able to view your remaining ePemula balance from there. Enjoy!

I already signed up for ePemula on Grab/Touch N Go/Shopee, can I still sign up for ePemula on BigPay? Each user is only allowed to sign up on one eWallet for this ePemula programme. Kindly use the RM150 credits on the eWallet that you have signed up with 🙏

I could get eBelia last year, how come I can't sign up for ePemula this year? You are only eligible for ePemula if you are a Malaysian born between 2002-2004 or if you are a full time student in an IPT. Need help? Feel free to reach out to us via in-app chat!

Can I sign up for ePemula if I'm studying overseas? if you’re within the age range then yes however, you would still not be able to use it because you’d be overseas as it is only eligible for physical transactions. Do note that the ePemula is only able to be claimed for BigPay physical transactions/QR payments with the in-store transactions in Malaysia.

I made a QR payment to a shop but I didn't get the ePemula cashback. How come it’s like that? The ePemula credits are only eligible to be used on registered merchants. If you scan using your DuitNow QR, kindly make sure that it is to a registered merchant/company and not to a personal account, to use the ePemula credits. Another reason is because the balance you have in your ePemula balance is insufficient. What we could advise is to make a card payment with sufficient card balance and you would receive the ePemula credit accordingly. Need more help? Chat with us via the BigPay in-app chat!

What are the benefits of using ePemula through BigPay compared to other eWallets? It’s simple: BigPay is the only eWallet part of ePemula that gives you a card that can be used at most local merchants. You can basically use your BigPay card just like any bank card, or even just scan a QR code when making a purchase! It gives you more freedom to spend your RM150 how you see fit — just make sure to check which transactions the funds can be used for! How come I need to top up to use my card but I don't need to top up to use the QR scan to use my ePemula voucher? This is because the cashback credits are directly linked with the QR payments and would be usable for said transactions. However, for the card payments, you would first need to make a top up and have sufficient balance in your BigPay account to make the transaction and then you would be reimbursed accordingly

Why do I need to make the initial top up to my BigPay account if I’m going to claim RM150 from ePemula? This is our standard signup process. In order to receive your BigPay card, you need to add an initial amount of RM20 to your account. It’s not a fee and it will be available for you to spend! I made a transaction using one of the vouchers through the merchant online. How come I did not receive ePemula cashback credit for that? For the vouchers, as it is an online transaction, you would not be able to redeem the ePemula cashback credits as the cashback credits are only reimbursed for offline transactions using the BigPay physical card and QR transactions to merchants.

I already made a purchase using my card at a shop and I have balance in my ePemula wallet, how come I didn't get the cashback? Please reach out to us via in-app chat and our live agents will assist you further there.

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