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A weekend in the old town of Kuala Lumpur 🏙️

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Published 1 year ago

A weekend in the old town of Kuala Lumpur 🏙️

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This February, we've got a special edition for you. Read till the end to claim your perks. 😎



9.00 am: I woke up excited because I am going to have a much-needed staycation at a newly opened luxury boutique hotel in Kuala Lumpur (KL) this afternoon. To start my day right, I meditated for 30 minutes. Somehow, I had trouble meditating. Thoughts of where to eat for brunch keep distracting me from focusing, so I cut it short and started getting ready instead.

11.30 am: I decide to go to the VCR brunch place branch in Pudu. It’s been on my go-to list for a long time now. I made my way there via the MRT, it was a quick and cheap ride. People should totally take the MRT more. RM3.80

12:10 pm: The place was packed. VCR had a simple brunch menu which was perfect for me as I'm pretty indecisive with my orders given too many options. 🤷‍♂️

12.45 am: After a long wait, they finally serve my Turkish eggs with toast. It was the perfect blend of tasty. RM29

1.40 pm: I arrived at The Chow Kit - an Ormond Hotel for my staycation. 💙 It’s just a short 12-minute taxi ride from VCR. 🚕 RM13. It is a beautifully decorated hotel, which totally gave me the 1950's Gentlemen Club vibe. The check-in experience was pretty swift and I soon found myself in my Towkay Suite where I will be spending the night. The suite exudes an exquisite and luxurious vibe; everything is brand new. I can’t help myself but jump on and starfish the bed. The sheets are to die for and soon drifted into a deep sleep. RM530

2.40 pm: After a good nap, I freshen up and headed out to explore the streets of old KL. Who knew playing tourist in your own backyard could be this much fun?

4.45 pm: I arrive back at the hotel soaking wet! 😩 It was raining cats and dogs out there and I caught in the rain. I took a hot shower so I could change into comfy clothes. I soon found myself marching on to the kitchen and bar in pursuit of a cuppa hot chocolate. ☕ RM13.92

5.10 pm: Look at a few pictures I snapped earlier and posted them on my Instagram. 📸 It only makes sense in this social media frenzy times. I felt tired after that so I decided to take a nap before dinner. Seriously the bed was too comfortable, refusing sleep is impossible!

6.45 pm: Woke up feeling energized and looked around for places to have dinner. Then I recalled that there’s a taco bar at Momosita just right next to where I’m staying. From my hotel lobby, I walked through a secret door that leads directly to the taco bar. 🚪 The vibe was super chill and fun, a totally different vibe from The Chow Kit hotel.

7.20 pm: Everything on the menu looks so tasty! I ordered the Baja Fish taco, Lamb taco, and Prawn Gorditas as starters. The fish taco was DELICIOUS. Seeing that I can still fit one more dish in my belly, I got the Momosita’s Famous Churros for dessert. Yum. RM67.28

8.00 pm: Dinner at Momosita blew my mind, it was delicious and reasonably priced. I headed back to my suite and plugged my laptop to the TV to watch the latest season of The Crown. Sorry Olivia, but I think Claire Foy is still the better Queen. 👑



9.15 am: "Breakfast for champions", as they say. I had mine at The Chow Kit Kitchen & Bar. It was pretty good.

10.10 am: I headed back up to shower and pack. Check-out is at 12pm so I decided to squeeze in another two more episodes of The Crown. My experience was exquisite so far, I didn't feel like leaving the hotel that soon so I called a friend to meet me for lunch at The Chow Kit Kitchen & Bar.

Protip: They have different menus for breakfast and lunch. You're welcome. 😉

12.15 pm: Met up with my good friend, J, and we both shared the Cucur Udang for starters. I got the Unagi Lo Ma Kai for mains and finished with Bubur Cha Cha for dessert. J loves cocktails, so she gave their signature cocktail a go and it did not disappoint. RM97.44

2.00 pm: Time to part ways and leave The Chow Kit for good this time. 😢

TOTAL: RM97.44

Diary summary

Spending the weekend at the Chow Kit hotel was a luxurious experience. The interiors of the hotel and its rooms gave me an exclusive vibe and a lot of comfort. The hotel stay was not overly expensive which is makes it an avid competitor with its neighboring hotels. The location was strategic as it is centralized and surrounded by other eateries, shopping malls, MRT stations and much more. Basically, if you were a traveler who likes to move around and discover, it wouldn't be an issue. On the other hand, if you're anything like me - loving the luxurious experience and comforts of staying in. The Chow Kit hotels' got you covered. From a comfortable stay to scrumptious food, and lots of peace and quiet. This is your sweet spot. 💯

End of diary.

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