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3 things we wish we could still do for Chinese New Year | BigPay

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Published 8 months ago

3 things we wish we could still do for Chinese New Year | BigPay

Hey BigPay fam, we hope everyone's had a safe 2021 so far. Are you looking forward to the Chinese New Year celebrations coming soon?

This year's Chinese New Year, however, is going to be a little different, to say the least.

For many of us, it’ll be the first time we experience this festive season during a public health crisis!

Traditionally, Chinese New Year is all about gathering people together - but we all know it’s not advisable to do so now, especially with older folks! While our hearts are heavy as we yearn to be with family, it’s important to remember that safety and health come first - even it means sacrificing some things we love during CNY.

But all hope’s not lost - we’ve got some answers on how to send love and prosperity to your friends and family this Chinese New Year 2021. Here are 3 things we wish we could still do for CNY and how we can get around it.

What we’ll miss: shopping for new clothes, chic decors and freshly made treats

Ah yes, the buzz of shopping malls in full festive fervour has always been a pastime for many.

Whether it's the search of gifts to family and friends or scouting for a killer Chor Yat outfit, it's hard to imagine not being able to hit your favourite shopping haunts.

Except this year, with Covid, you can expect malls to be quiet or even stay closed! After all, it’s not advisable to spend hours mingling around people in public.

What can you do instead? Shop online internationally!

We're no longer strangers to online shopping, so this Chinese New Year is the perfect time to do so even for your festive needs.

In fact, you're likely to score better deals and shop even more efficiently from the comfort of home with the likes of Shopback (earn even more cashback), Taobao, Shopee, Lazada or speciality shops such as Lookfantastic giving fantastic Chinese New Year promotions.

Here's an idea: if you miss shopping with friends - go on a video chat with them and share your screens as you're browsing online stores! That way, you can make online shopping a social thing to share with friends too.

Of course, don't forget to save major money when you shop internationally with the BigPay card's competitive exchange rates!

What we’ll miss: visiting family & friends en masse

Let's face it - we love the ritual of dressing up to the nines and catching up with all the people you rarely see! After all, it's the one time of the year for everyone to be together in one place.

For the foodies out there - we all have that special aunt or friend who prepares their special dishes or treats only during Chinese New Year that no one else can replicate!

With Covid, however, it's now become a safety issue to either gather in large groups or merely gathering with more than 4 people!

What can you do instead? Show them how much you miss them

Like many things in life, it's the thought and small things that count - so make the effort to show your loved ones your care for them.

One lovely gesture you can do is to still dress up as if you're visiting your relative's place - instead, send a video message with Chinese New Year greetings to wish them well for the year ahead!

And lastly, just because you can't be there, it doesn't mean you can't bless the younger ones with a much-loved Ang Pao!

This year, why not try BigPay's e-Ang Pao to send them a gift of money virtually (and easily)? It's the next best thing from giving it to them personally!

What we’ll miss: flying home to see your folks or immediate family after a long year apart

This last point hits the closest to heart. With Covid, it's now become close to impossible for many of us to fly back to our hometowns this year and see our family.

It's especially hard for those who only see their parents a few times a year - and the biggest occasion of all is Chinese New Year!

In fact, to many, it’s an unspoken familial duty to be with immediate family. But this year, plans must change!

What can we do instead? Make the best out of it and send them your love

Of course, many of these measures are out of our control - but that doesn't stop us from turning a downside into an opportunity to show that you care!

For instance, think of your savings from your flight tickets as a way to bless your family a little more this Chinese New Year!

If you send money internationally on a frequent basis, why not give BigPay's international money transfer a try? With competitive rates and low, fixed fees, you can ensure your family receives as much love you can give!

Otherwise, nothing shows you care than a surprise e-Ang Pao waiting for them first thing on Chinese New Year morning. You can do that with BigPay too!


This Chinese New Year, send love and prosperity with BigPay

Whether it's due to an MCO or Circuit Breaker, our Chinese New Year plans for 2021 has definitely been disrupted or outright cancelled!

But this might be the year to reflect upon how we might've taken our loved ones' company for granted - so let's kickstart Chinese New Year 2021 with positivity and hope.

Share the gift of love and prosperity with BigPay this year!

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What we’ll miss: shopping for new clothes, chic decors and freshly made treats

What we’ll miss: visiting family & friends en masse

What we’ll miss: flying home to see your folks or immediate family after a long year apart

This Chinese New Year, send love and prosperity with BigPay

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