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3 financial tips no bank will ever tell you

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Published 1 year ago

3 financial tips no bank will ever tell you

Everyone makes money mistakes at some point in their lives.

Whether it's not saving early whether it’s listening to bad financial advice from bankers or making poor investments. Here are some tips you should definitely know about.

1. You don't actually need to pay foreign transaction fees

Every time you use your bank’s debit card for overseas purchases, you LOSE money. Banks charge you a foreign transaction fee up to 2% of the transaction. It’s worse with a credit card - be ready to pay up to 3%.

Why do banks charge you for it? The answer’s simple: because they can.

In contrast, you pay ZERO foreign transaction fees with BigPay.

BigPay is also free to register and use. So you instantly save money on joining, annual and inactive card fees. Opening up a debit account with any bank will cost you a joining fee of up to RM15 and annual fees up to RM24. That’s RM39 you could have saved!

Tip: It costs RM6 for local withdrawals with a BigPay card so only use it for card purchases in Malaysia. For overseas withdrawals, BigPay charges RM10 which is in line with existing bank charges for debit cards. And, it’s still way cheaper than using a credit card where you will have to pay a hefty 5% fee for every withdrawal.

2. There are better money apps out there

With the BigPay app, you can finally be the boss of your own money. Track your expenses with ease and budget your finances with BigPay. The app also provides you a hassle-free way to split the bill and request money from your contacts.

Lost your card? Freeze your card in-app and unfreeze it when you have found it. Bam! Added security feature. It’s not that banks haven’t figured it out yet. They simply don’t care about you.

When you have BigPay, why bother using other financial apps? Malaysian mobile banking apps are so lousy lah…BigPay boleh!

3. Earn RM10 when you refer your friends

If you try real hard, you can actually make a living out of referrals with BigPay. Think about it. 😉 All you need to do is share your referral code with a friend and you'll both be rewarded with RM10 each when they successfully sign up!

If you haven’t registered for BigPay, what are you waiting for? Great rewards await you. Sign up now, refer and see the cash roll in!

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