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How do I get BigPay?

We were hoping you would ask that! It's simple - download our app on the Google Play or App Store, sign up in 3 steps and you will receive your BigPay card in 5 to 7 working days.

How do I get verified using SingPass MyInfo?

MyInfo is Singapore Government e-service that allows SingPass users to easily pre-fill forms. It uses SingPass to access the personal details we need to confirm your identity. 

We only request the personal details we need, and we need your permission to access them.

All valid SingPass account holders can use SingPass

If you are an Employment Pass holder, you can use MyInfo to verify your identity with SingPass. But you’ll still need to upload a proof of address.

If you prefer, you can always use the manual sign-up flow and fill the onboarding form.

Who can sign up to BigPay?

As long as you're 18 years old, and you're a Singaporean or a foreigner legally residing in Singapore.

How much will it cost to get BigPay?

It's entirely free to sign up and get your BigPay card. You will need to add S$20 into your account as part of sign up. But don't worry, it's not a fee. You can start spending the money once you've received your card! We also do not charge any annual or inactive fees, so go ahead and try BigPay.

Can I have both Singaporean and Malaysian BigPay account?

Yes, as long as you're a resident of both countries.


Why do I need to verify my identity?

We need to know who you are so we can protect your money.

How long does it take to verify my identity?

It usually takes a few minutes but may take up to 2 working days.

Getting my card

When will my card arrive?

Your card will arrive in 5 to 7 working days after you have ordered it.
If your card has not arrived after 7 working days, chat with us in-app so we can help you.

How do I activate my card?

Login to your BigPay app:

1. Tap 'I have received my card'
2. Enter the 3-digit CVC found on the back of your card
3. Set your card PIN and your card is activated!

To activate Visa payWave, just make your first purchase with Chip and PIN.


How do I refer someone to BigPay?

Refer friends to join BigPay by sharing your unique referral code. For each friend you successfully refer, you'll each receive $5 after they have activated their card!

To find your referral code, tap "Invite and get $5" from the homepage of your app or from Settings > Referral Rewards.

Here, tap on the Share button to upload directly to the app of your choice. You also have the option to copy your referral code manually.

Logging In 

Can't login and you see "invalid NRIC"? ​

Have you signed up with BigPay before? If yes, tap to "Log In" instead of "Sign Up" with your registered phone number to resume banking with us with your existing account. 

Changed your phone number? 

Let us help you! Drop us an email with your old and new phone number with your registered email address to 

We will help you update your phone number so you can continue banking with us. 

Forgot your passcode? 

After you've applied your SMS OTP or link for login, you will be prompted to key in the passcode. 

Tap on "FORGOT?" on the screen, answer a few security questions and you will then be able to set your new passcode. 

Still need help? Chat with us and let us help you! 

Getting login links instead of OTP? 

This is an enhanced safety feature by the BigPay team made to ensure the login feature better secures your account. 

If you are facing any login issues with the link where it keeps directing you to install the app, do check if your phone settings allow for opening links. 

My Card

Card usage

Where can I use BigPay?

You can use your BigPay card locally and overseas that accepts Visa. That's over 53 million merchants worldwide!

What is the exchange rate when I use my card abroad?

Travelling abroad soon? Here's how to check the exchange rate so that you can shop wisely:

Click the applicable link, and enter Singapore Dollar as your card currency.

Check here for Mastercard's exchange rates.

Check here for Visa's exchange rates.

We use the exchange rate from Visa / Mastercard, and additional charges are made from these two networks. Your financial goals matter, and we make sure our rates are fair to help you make the most out of your money.

Do I need to let you know I’m travelling abroad?

Nope. Just use your BigPay card as usual overseas. We give you Mastercard's or Visa's exchange rate with charges by the network. Rest assured, we strive to make our rates one of the most competitive in the market. Safe travels!

How do I change my card PIN?

From your Cards tab, tap PIN settings and enter your new PIN.

What are my spending limits ?

From the time of your first spend, your spending limit will be S$30,000 for the next 12 months.

Overseas Cash withdrawal

Can I withdraw money with BigPay?

Yes, you can withdraw money overseas with your BigPay card like any bank card. For now, you cannot withdraw money in Singapore.

ATM did not dispense any cash but I was charged

Keep your transaction receipt safely and chat with us in-app. We'll help you raise a dispute to get your money back.

If you plan to take out cash in Indonesia, we recommend using the ATMs by Mandiri, Maybank and CIMB Niaga.

Why was my overseas ATM withdrawal declined?

It's most likely:

● You might have reached the cash dispensing limit of the ATM

● You've entered the wrong PIN
● You've reached your S$2,500 daily withdrawal limit
● You haven't got enough money in your account

● Your card is frozen

If it continues to fail, try using another ATM.

If you were charged but no money was dispensed, please chat with us in-app.

Is there a limit on overseas ATM withdrawals?

S$2,500 daily.

Lost or stolen card

My card is lost or stolen

Freeze your card in-app immediately. If you cannot access your app, call us at +6568505118.

If you have misplaced your card, you can always unfreeze it again once you have found it.

If your card is stolen, tap 'Report lost and stolen card' to order a replacement. We will charge you S$10 for it.


Do I need to activate the payWave feature on my card?

Yes. To activate, make your first purchase using Chip & PIN or online payment. After you've done that, you'll be able to make payWave payments!

Is there a limit on payWave payments?

Yes, it's S$300 daily. Any payment after will require Chip and PIN.

Can I set my own contactless/payWave payment limit?

payWave limits are fixed by VISA. For now, this limit cannot be changed.


What fees am I being charged?

We do not charge you any fees to sign up and have a BigPay account. Spending in Singapore and overseas are fee-free, with no added charges except when you withdraw money overseas. For full details, see Fees and Charges.

My Account


How do I add money to my account?

1. Tap '+' on your Home screen
2. Enter an amount
3. Add or select your top-up source
4. Enter your payment details and you're done!

What's the maximum amount I can have in my account?

S$5,000 at any one time.

Is there a top-up limit?

You can top up a maximum of S$4,999 at one go, and your account balance cannot exceed more than S$5,000 at any time.

What credit or debit card can I use to top up BigPay?

Any credit or debit card as long as it is Visa or Mastercard. For now, we do not accept American Express. All top-ups are free but if you choose to top up with a foreign card, your card issuer may charge you a fee.

Why did my top up fail?

You have most likely:

● Tried to top up more than S$4,999 at any one time.
● Exceeded your S$5,000 wallet limit.
● Entered the wrong card or bank details.

Please try again. If it continues to fail, chat with us and we will help you.


Is my money safe with BigPay?

Absolutely! We're regulated as a Major Payment Institution by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) so we comply to financial regulations.

How do I remove my card details on BigPay?

Go to Settings, tap 'Top up sources', select the card you want to remove and tap 'Delete'. Make sure you have at least one other top up source in your account before removing any cards from your account.

My card is blocked due to incorect PIN attempts. What do I do?

If you enter the PIN for your BigPay card incorrectly three times in a row, your card will be temporarily blocked to keep it secure.

If your card has been blocked, you will need to wait for 24 hours before you can use it again.

Change profile details

How do I update my profile?

From Settings, tap 'My profile' > 'Personal details' and you'll be able to update your phone number, email, preferred name and shipping address.

How do I change my mobile number?

Simple! From the Settings tab in your app, tap ​'My profile' > 'Personal details' and enter your new mobile number. We'll send you an OTP to your new mobile number to verify. Enter the OTP and you're done!

Cancelling my account

How do I cancel my BigPay account?

We're sad to see you go but just know we don't charge you any fees annually or to keep your account active. And if you're planning to travel abroad, you'll save lots of money on exchange rates and AirAsia flights!

Still not convinced? Then please chat with us in-app to cancel your account.

Card payments

Card Payment Issues

Why is my payment still pending?

Your payment is pending because the merchant hasn't settled the payment yet. This could take up to a maximum of 10 calendar days.

During the time a payment is pending, no money has left your account yet. We simply set the money aside from your balance so you have enough money to pay when the merchant collects the payment. When that happens, your payment will change from 'Pending' to 'Settled'.

If the merchant hasn't taken any action after a maximum of 10 calendar days, we'll release the money back to your account.

Why was my payment declined?

It is most likely:

● You've entered the wrong card PIN
● You reached your S$30,000 spend limit
● You haven't got enough money in your account
● Your card is frozen
● You've hit the daily limit for payWave payments of S$300 (any further transactions will require a PIN)

If you're making your first payment, pay with Chip and PIN before using payWave.

I don't recognise a payment

Before you do anything else, please freeze your card in-app to keep your money safe.

● Some merchants have a different trading name from their brand name so you might not recognise the transaction at first. You can check this by running a Google search.
● Please check with your friends and family to see if they have made this payment.
● If you've been charged for a purchase you've not made, contact the merchant to find out what you've been charged for.

If you're sure you've not made this payment, chat with us in-app so we can investigate it.

I've been charged twice for the same payment

Please check if the status of the duplicate transaction is 'Settled'.

● If not, the duplicate transaction will be pending for up to a maximum of 10 calendar days and then the money will be released back to your account after.
● If yes, reach out to the merchant to understand why you've been charged twice.

If you're still having problems, please chat with us in-app.

The merchant has cancelled my order but I have not received my refund

You should receive your refund in up to a maximum of 10 calendar days. If you have not received your refund after 8 working days, please chat with us in-app and we'll look into it.

The merchant has charged me incorrectly

Please reach out to the merchant to arrange a refund. If you're facing issues, chat with us in-app so we can help you.

I didn't get the goods or services I paid for

Please reach out to the merchant to find out what happened. If you cannot resolve the issue, chat with us in-app so we can help you.

The merchant doesn't accept my BigPay card

We're working with merchants to fix this. Let us know which merchant so we can look into it.

I was charged extra for petrol

This is normal. The petrol station has made a pre-authorisation charge to validate your BigPay card. You will get your money back in 3 to 4 working days.

To avoid the pre-authorisation next time, simply pay directly at the cashier, not at the self-service pump.

I didn't receive my OTP

Check if you have entered the correct mobile number and your mobile has network coverage.

Otherwise, reach out to your telco to find out if you can receive SMS from 62000 or 66688.

airasia Points

airaisa Points

What are airasia Points?

These points are what you earn when you spend with BigPay. You can redeem your points for discounted airasia flights and other rewards on

I did not get any airasia points for this transaction

You will get your points in 5 to 7 working days after the merchant has settled the payment. That's when the transaction status changes from 'Pending' to 'Settled'.

If you've not received your points by then, chat with us in-app and we will look into it.

How do I earn airasia points?

For every S$5 spent with your BigPay card, you get 1 airasia point!

We do not reward points when you send money to friends on BigPay and any bank transfers you make.

Will my airasia Points expire?

Yes, your points will expire after 24 months from the date we reward the points.

How do I link my BigPay account to my airasia Loyalty account?

Tap on the points icon on the top right corner of your app. Tap 'Sync your airasia points' and enter your login details to link both accounts.

What are the benefits of using BigPay on airasia?

Travelling with BigPay has never been better as you'll get exclusive access to airasia sales and more!

Bank Transfer

Making a Transfer

How long will my bank transfer take?

Transfers to Singapore
Standard transfers
Monday - Friday
Before 5pm: 1 working day
After 5pm: 2 working days
Saturday - Sunday/Public Holiday: 2 working days

Real-time transfers
Monday - Sunday/Public Holiday: 10 minutes


Transfers to Australia

Monday - Friday

Transfer before 2pm: 1 working day

Transfer after 2pm: 2 working days

Saturday/Sunday/Public Holiday: 1 working day


Transfers to Bangladesh

Monday - Sunday/Public Holiday: 3 Bangladesh working days


Transfers to China via Alipay

Monday - Sunday/Public Holiday: Within 15 minutes


Transfers to India

Standard transfers

Monday - Friday

Before 2:30pm: Same day

After 2:30pm: 1 working day

Saturday - Sunday/Public Holiday: 1 working day

Real-time transfers

Monday - Sunday/Public Holiday: 5 minutes


Transfers to Indonesia

Monday - Sunday/Public Holiday: 5 minutes


Transfers to the Philippines

Monday - Friday

Before 12pm: Same working day

After 12pm: 1 working day

Saturday - Sunday/Public Holiday: 1 working day


Transfers to Nepal

Sunday - Friday

Before 2:15pm: Same day

After 2:15pm: 1 working day

Saturday/Public Holiday: 1 working day​


Transfers to Malaysia

Monday - Friday

Before 2pm: Same working day

After 2pm: 1 working day

Saturday - Sunday/Public Holiday: 1 working day


Transfers to Thailand

Monday - Friday

Before 6pm: 1 working day

After 6pm: 2 working days

Saturday - Sunday/Public Holiday: 2 working days


Transfers to Vietnam

Standard transfers

Monday - Friday 

Transfer before 1pm: Same day

Transfer after 1pm: 1 working day

Saturday/Sunday/Public Holiday: 1 working day

Real-time transfers

Monday - Sunday/Public Holiday: 30 minutes

How much will my bank transfer cost?
Local Bank Transfer
We charge S$1 per transfer to Singaporean bank accounts.

International Bank Transfer
This depends on where you're sending to. You can easily find out the cost of your transfer directly in your BigPay app. From Payments, tap 'International Bank Transfers', select the country you're sending to, enter an amount and we'll show you the fee.

At what exchange rate will BigPay transfer my money?

You can check the exchange rate we'll use directly in your BigPay app. We'll use the exchange rate at the time you paid for your transfer.

What are my transfer limits?

Transfer to Singapore
S$100 daily and not more than S$300 monthly.

Transfer to other countries
S$5,000 daily and not more than S$10,000 monthly. 

The Payment Services Act imposes limits in relation to e-wallets on how much money you can send, spend or hold your account balance.

You can’t hold more than S$5,000 in your e-wallets by the end of the day Singapore time.

You can’t transfer more than S$30,000 or its foreign currency equivalent from your BigPay account each year.

Spending on your BigPay card, overseas bank transfers, payments to business accounts, and transfers to other BigPay account users count towards the S$30,000 limit. 

Sending money from your BigPay account to your own bank account doesn't count towards the S$30,000 limit.

Transfer issues and refunds

Why was my transfer rejected?

The recipient bank had rejected your transfer because you've entered the wrong recipient bank details. Please check before trying again. If it's still rejected, please chat with us so we can find out what's wrong.

I've sent the wrong amount

We process your transfer instantly after you've paid. So we cannot always stop the transfer or make a refund because the money is already on its way to the recipient. Please reach out to your recipient to resolve the issue.

Recipient hasn't received the money I sent

We gave you an estimated date for when your recipient can expect to receive the money. You can find it out by tapping on the transaction. If your recipient hasn't received the money after that date, please chat with us in-app so we can look into it for you.

How long does my transfer refund take?

Some refunds are instant, some may take up to 5 working days. If you have not received your refund on the 6th working day, please chat with us in-app.


How many people can I save in My Favourites?

10 recipients. You can always edit your list of saved recipients to add new ones when you reach the maximum.

Will I get AirAsia BIG points for bank transfers?

No, you'll only receive AirAsia BIG points when you spend with your BigPay card.



Using Stashes

How do I create a Stash?

Here’s how to create a Stash:

  1. Open your BigPay mobile app

  2. Tap ‘Explore’

  3. Then tap ‘Stashes’

  4. Create a new Stash by giving it name and adding some money to get started.

Can I create more than one Stash?

You can only create one Stash at the moment. We’re working on multiple Stashes to help you organise your money better, so stay tuned!

How do I add and withdraw money from Stashes?
You can add and withdraw money from Stashes in the BigPay app.

➕ Adding money to a Stash

  1. Tap ‘Explore’ in the menu bar and select ‘Stashes’.

  2. Tap the Plus icon next to your Stash balance, then decide how much money to deposit.

  3. Tap 'Next' and we’ll move the money instantly from your BigPay wallet to your Stash.

➖ Withdrawing money from a Stash

  1. Tap ‘Explore’ in the menu bar and select ‘Stashes’.

  2. Tap 'Withdraw', then decide how much money to withdraw.

  3. Tap 'Next' and we’ll move the money instantly into your BigPay wallet.

How do I close my Stash?

Here’s how you can close your Stash:

  1. Tap ‘Explore’ in the menu bar and select ‘Stashes’.

  2. Toggle off ‘Round up payments’. This will stop rounding up the spare change from your purchases and putting it in your Stash.

  3. Tap on ‘Withdraw money' and move your Stash balance to your wallet instantly.

That’s it!

What are the benefits of using Stashes?

Stashes let you organise your money by keeping things separate from your wallet balance.

Create a Stash and use that as your personal space to save money and budget. It helps you track how much you save, just like you can track your spending with our analytics feature.

Stashes is also a great way to protect your money. That’s because you can’t accidentally spend what’s in your Stash. This stops you from blowing your budget and having some emergency funds set aside for rainy days.

You also get instant access to your money whenever you want it, unlike some savings accounts. So if you decide to dip into your Stash to buy something you’ve been saving up for, you can move that money into your wallet balance in seconds to do just that.

Here are some ways Stashes can work for you:

  • Setting aside money for a rainy day

  • Saving up for a holiday or big purchase

  • Storing money you want to send in another currency

  • Planning for bills or other future expenses

Is the money in my Stash protected?

BigPay is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), or the Central Bank of Malaysia. Just like all money you hold in BigPay, money in your Stashes is safe.

How BigPay keeps your money safe 👀

Security | BigPay | We take your money's security and protection seriously.

How much can I save in a Stash?
You can save as much money in a Stash as you like. However, your Stash and wallet balance combined can’t be more than RM20,000 at any one time.

Can I spend the money in my Stash?

No, you can’t directly spend money saved in your Stash. Your Stash balance is kept separate from your wallet to help you save and budget better. This means that you can’t accidentally spend what you put in your Stash.

To use the money you’ve saved, you need to transfer the funds from your Stash to your wallet.

Can I withdraw my Stash balance at any time?

You can move money from your Stash to your wallet whenever you want and without any extra cost. The same goes for adding money to your Stash from your wallet.

Do I get interest with the money I save in a Stash?

For now, you don’t earn interest from your savings with Stashes. We’re working on making this happen, so stay tuned for future updates!

Can BigPay use my money saved in the Stash?

Money that you add into your Stash is yours alone. We won’t use it for any other purposes.

Can I share my Stash with other BigPay users?

At the moment, you can’t share your Stash with other users. Each Stash is individual to each user to add and transfer money into their own accounts. We’re working on letting you share your Stash with friends and family in the future, so stay tuned for that!

Saving more with Round-ups

How do I use Round-ups?

Round-ups help you save as you spend. This means that all card payments will be automatically round up to the nearest Ringgit or Singapore dollar, and that spare change will be put in your Stash.

Imagine this example: 

You buy a butter croissant at the bakery for $1.60.

Thanks to Round-ups, we’ll round up your card purchase to an even $2, and automatically send that $0.40 straight to your Stash

It’s easy—the more you use your BigPay card, the more change you’ll stash away to save more.

Money in a Stash is kept separately from your balance. You can’t accidentally spend it with your debit card, and you can’t send it or use it to pay Direct Debits.

How do I turn on/off Round-ups?

Round-ups is automatically activated the minute you create a Stash.

Here’s how to turn it on or off:

  1. Tap ‘Explore’ and then select ‘Stashes’

  2. Tap the toggle for ‘Round up payments’ to either on or off

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