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How To Use And Earn airasia BIG Points With BigPay | BigPay

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Published 1 year ago

How To Use And Earn airasia BIG Points With BigPay | BigPay

Got airasia BIG Points but don't know what to do with them?

Well, we’ve got breaking news for you: they’re not just for flights! Here’s a quick guide on how to use, redeem and earn airasia BIG Points easily with BigPay!

What can I use airasia BIG Points for?

While you’re holding on to your airasia BIG Points for the dream of an overseas vacation, you can also use your BIG Points to redeem

  • Food & Beverage Deals

  • Shopping Deals

  • Everyday Discount Deals

How do I use my airasia BIG Points?

It’s as simple as a single tap - just open your BIG Rewards mobile app and browse through all the available vouchers!

You can redeem your airasia BIG Points on the spot. You can also check out the awesome rewards we have on the BigPay app!

That’s great - but how do I earn BIG Points with BigPay?

The simplest way to earn airasia BIG Points is to use your BigPay card for your everyday spending. Think groceries, bills, subscriptions, deliveries. And more.

Why? Well, you get 1 airasia BIG Point for every RM30 spent.

What are you waiting for? Just top up, spend and enjoy these rewards!

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